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Canbus Pro Hid Slim Digital Replacement Ballast 35w

SKU: HID-C-Ballast
Our Canbus Pro. ballast(9-32V) is designed to fix nearly all Canbus problems in newer cars. Some vehicles will display a "headlight out" warning light on the dash board to indicate a burnt out bulb when installing aftermarket HID. With 4400ML Filter Capacitors inside + Electronic Circuit Inductance this ballast provides the ability to solve the Canbus problems.

At the same time, the electronic parts used inside the Canbus Pro. are higher quality on our HID aftermarket, providing a 0.4% defect rate.


* Size: 114x75x26.5(mm)
* Input Voltage: 9V-32V
* Maximum Starting Current: ≤6A@13.5V
* Steady current: 3.1A@13.5V, 1.7A@24V
* Output Power: 35W
* Rush Starting Voltage: 23KV
* Output Voltage: AC85 17V
* Operation Temperature: -40 - 105
* Efficiency: 85%
* Expected Life-Span: >3000h
* Radiated EMI Susceptibility: S95/54/EC
* Open Circuit Protection: Later off after 1sec
* Short Circuit Protection: Later off after 1sec
* Reverse Polarity Protection
* Waterproof, Dust proof, Shockproof


Having tested numerous kits on various modern cars, uniquely, Canbus-Pro Slim is one of the perfect ballast tested that works computer error free with no exception till now.

With built in micro-processors, Canbus-Pro boasts the most advanced, sophisticated slim digital ballasts that are compatible with the latest smart canbus systems.

Superior to most other HID kits, the xenon light produced from a Canbus Pro. Ballast is very impressive, assembled with powerful burners the light output is extremely bright & effective.

This ballast is suitable for all BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Saab and most other cars with or without canbus systems. Especially for & BMW Series 3(E46/E90), Audi A3(2001-2003), Autdi A4(1999-2003), Mercedes(2004-2009), Volvo S40/S60/S80 & V70 whereas other ballasts fail.