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2 X 5-led White Smd Car Wedge Led Automotive Bulbs

SKU: T10-5
5 LED White SMD Car Wedge T10 158 168 175 194 LED Automotive Lights
This pack of 2 high quality auto T10 wedge LED bulbs have 5 long-lasting white LED's in each and will give your car a unique glow whenever you use your interior, dashboard, side or licence plate lights.


* Long-lasting
* Low energy doesn't zap your power supply
* Faster on/off response time
* Unique, vivid colour
* Simple to fit


* Pack size: 2 pcs
* LED's per bulb: 5
*Select LED color Below: White, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Warm white
* Fitting: T10 wedge
* Type: 158/168/194

Please note: LED bulbs are not as bright as standard incandescent bulbs but they are longer lasting and have a more vivid colour

These bulbs are T10 style replacements for 158, 168 and 194 and are for use in your vehicle's:

* Dashboard lights
* Interior lights
* Side lights
* Licence plate lights
T10/T15 wedge base bulb, will replace the following bulb size: 158 161 168 194 2821 2823 2825 2827 W5W,