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47 Inches Amber White Emergency Warning Led Mini Beacon Tail And Brake

$1,099.99 $1,299.99
47" Warning LED Light bar is designed to meet the needs for all emergency vehicle Lighting. This 360-degree lighting system features an extremely low profile, which enables stealth, improved aerodynamics, and fuel-efficiency. This light bar also features 88 pieces of 3-Watt Generation 5 LEDs for the brightest light output in every direction. This lightbar has been tested to withstand the worst weather conditions and is fully weatherproofed. This light bar comes with a 2 Button control box, one button for ON/OFF, another button for changing different flashing patterns. This Light Bar comes with 29 different flashing pattern and also newest design dual color red brake light and Amber flashing light. The Light bar comes with brackets to mount on both side of the door jamb permanently, no drilling required,, as well as bolting option for permanent mounting. With its intelligent, rugged, and efficient build, Lightbar will make sure that you are seen on the road.

Lastest Dual Color Brake Light Design :
For most of the traditional Light bar, when you want to add Red Brake and Signal Lights into the light bar, you will lose two light modules because they are use for left turn, right turn and brake Light. But now, We have created a dual color brake light, when the red brake light and turn signal lights are not in use, both red light modules will automatically change to Amber for warning purpose, so you will have more lights for your safety. If you do not want red brake and signal light, you do not need to connect the brake and signal wires.

If you prefer to hook up the light bar to your existing ON/OFF switch in your truck, you can hardwire it to your switch for ON/OFF without using the control box for ON/OFF.

Color: Amber & White

Low amperage draw (voltage: 12V DC)
Included 16" long cable ( Cable can be extended if need )
Features 88 Pieces of GEN 5 3-Watt TIR LEDs
Low profile, aerodynamic design
Fully weatherproofed
Memory Recall Function
29 user selectable flash patterns, includes 2 Button Control box ( One switch for ON/OFF, One Switch for change flash patterns )
Included both Door Jamb Mount and permanent Bolting mount options
Dimensions: Length: 47” x Length, 12.5” x Width, 4.5” x Height

Package included:
1 X 47" Light Bar
1 X 2 Button Control box ( One switch for ON/OFF, One Switch for change flash patterns )
1 Set of Door Jamb Mounting Brackets