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Sun Visor Split Strobe Warning Strobe Front Dash Amber White

SKU: linear-Visor
The split sun visor split strobe light bar is a high performance led lightbar that offers a variety of features including 20 available flash patterns and takedown and flashing capability using digital controller build into the back of the light. Its memory functionality quickly recalls the last pattern used, so you can quickly access your preferred flash patterns with the push of a button.

With powerful new generation linear optics, total 60 generation III 1-watt leds, this led visor light puts out an intense flash and powerful take down beam whether in broad day light or at night.

With its universal brackets, this light bar can be quickly mounted to the front windshield of your car. Installation is quick and easy with cigarette lighter plug and a built in windshield reflector. The skylight split sun visor strobe light bar can be also powered by hardwired to a pre-existing switch. To power the unit via the cigarette lighter plug, you will need to plug it in to a 12-volt adapter. When wiring to a switch box, connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black wire to a ground such as the negative battery terminal or a chassis ground.

We highly recommend this warning light be installed by a certified technician for proper installation and warranty protection.

Color: amber & white


Powered by 12v
60 generation iii 1-watt leds
Linear optics
20 available flash patterns
Memory recall last last used pattern
Take-down light steady burn or flash
Sleek, durable casing
Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
Anti-glare coating on outer lens
Includes universal brackets
Includes windshield reflector
Includes 15 feet long of cable
Dimensions of each unit (pair): 17"L x 1.5"H x 6.75"D


2pc visor light bar

Screws and mounting brackets